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Chavez OilChavez Oil - Site based on "Chavez Oil", i.e. the oil situation in Venezuela under Hugo Chavez's government. Information on the oil companies that got nationalized and which didn't and more. CITGO, Exxon Mobil, Hugo Chavez's history...

Venezuela news (Click to enlarge)
Venezuela news

Venezuela protests (Click to enlarge)
Venezuela Protests

Check here Venezuela news archive sites with news regarding Venezuela situation, protests, Chavez decisions, financial news, constitutional reform and more.

Venezuela News Archive

Next are some sites where you can view news, reviews, analysis, editorials, blogs, even videos from the everyday in Venezuela under Chavez government.

Caracas chronicles (Click to enlarge)

Caracas Chronicles: "Venezuela beyond the clichés". Blog with Venezuela news archive, recent events, opinions, videos, podcasts and more.

El Universal: Daily news from Venezuela on the online edition of one of the most popular and read Venezuelan newspapers. Check breaking news, the suitcase scandal, new constitutional reform, highlights, financial news and more about Venezuela.

Einnews: Venezuela news archive, latest news, newsfeed by topics, financial, opposition, government news and more.

Latin Focus: The leading source for Latin American economies. Check Financial Venezuela news archive.

VCrisis: Vcrisis is, in short, the personal endeavour of someone whose discontentment towards the politicians of his country (Venezuela) reached such unbearable levels, that he decided to take action and provide a counterbalance to the official multimillion dollar propagandistic effort rolled out by the current administration (Hugo Chavez Government). Check Venezuela news archive, editorials, opinions, videos, data, weblog and more in this popular site among venezuelans.

Venezuela news archive (Click to enlarge)
Venezuela news archive

Venezuela Analysis: Venezuela news archive from the point of view of Chavez supporters.

VHeadline: Although they claim to be 100% independent of all political factions in Venezuela, they are more often to post and review news on the way Venezuela government wants.

"100% biased in favor of the democratic will of the Venezuelan people as expressed in their 1999 Constitution".

The most relevant links we could find, placed here free

ABN - Agencia Bolivariana de Noticias (Bolivarian News Agency) is the official news press from Chavez Government.

Theodora - Venezuela Government, flags, maps, economy, geography, climate, natural resources, current issues, international agreements, population, social statistics.

Belfast Telegraph - Information about the new constitutional changes presented by President Chavez.

Wikipedia - Information about criticism to President Chavez, socialist politics, electoral frauds and more.

Yahoo! News - Venezuela news archive, photos, videos, audios, feature articles, opinions & editorials and more.

El Observador Online - Venezuela news from the online edition of the RCTV News program, TV station shutdown by President Chavez that now is operating on subcription TV systems (Only Spanish).

Hugo chavez (Click to enlarge)
Hugo Chavez

Latest Venezuelan News from Yahoo!

More Venezuelan News Sites


Topix: Local news for Caracas, Venezuela continually updated from thousands of sources on the web, also check for old news on the Venezuela news archive section.

The new york times
The new york times

The New York Times: Latest news from Venezuela, articles, financial news, multimedia and more.

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